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By invitation only

Presented by Common Ground, Industrial Areas Foundation & Do Not Stand Idly By

Leading developers will showcase products that can prevent gun theft and unauthorized or accidental shootings. The invitation-only audience will be comprised of law enforcement, retailers, medical professionals, advocates, public officials, media, investors and philanthropists.


Named the “gun world’s Tesla” by the WSJ, Biofire is building the future of firearms. Their Smart Gun is designed from the ground up with advanced fingerprint technology that gun owners can trust to prevent unauthorized use of their firearm.

Utilizing a patented technology for detecting metal in the barrel of a gun, Everwatch simply and effectively alerts to the movement of the gun without ever preventing or hindering immediate access for self defense.

Gun Guardian
Gun Guardian is a firearm safety and storage development company founded by two Florida State Law Enforcement Officers. Gun Guardian safety attachments are easily installed, and restrict access by shielding the trigger. 

Ignis Kinetics
Ignis Kinetics is developing user-authorized firearm technology built to federal operational standards for US law enforcement and private security.

Safe Gun Technology, Inc.
Safe Gun Technology Inc. has expertise in smart gun architecture, capabilities and engineering for advanced firearm systems.  Their system and interface enable unlimited advanced functionality to radically improve safety and performance.

"Elegant, simple, and extremely fast." Reach by Vara is a groundbreaking solution for home protection firearms- just grab and go.