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Winter Update December 2018

Successes on Housing and Gun Violence!

Construction Begins on $30 Million Affordable Skilled Nursing Facility

Ground breaking ceremony for the new Winchester HouseEleven years ago the county was considering closing Winchester House, which would have left over 200 low-income seniors in skilled nursing care without an affordable place to live.

On December 4 at the official groundbreaking County Board HCS Chair Steve Carlson began his remarks with, "This all began with a conversation with Lake County United." See the ground breaking and remarks from leaders.

Over the years LCU continued to press to keep the nursing home open and find a way to build an new facility while keeping an affordable safety net for residents.

New Winchester House modelThe new facility with 185-beds, of which will include long-term nursing for those with Medicaid and private payor sources, memory care and short-term rehab services.

Current residents will be moved over once new facility is completed.

Delegate Assembly Leaders met on December 2 and Committed to 600 Face to Face Conversations with Members in their Institutions

A leader can not lead without listening and LCU member institutions can not act collectively without relating and building trust.

On February 13 at 6PM leaders will invite those they have listened to and share what they have heard to determine a plan of action.

Gun Companies Held Accountable


On Tuesday, Sept. 25, 85 leaders from Lake County United, DuPage United and United Power for Action and Justice in Cook County and affiliates in Connecticutand Ohio held local actions centered around the the American Outdoor Brands Company (Smith and Wesson) annual shareholders meeting. This was a virtual meeting with individual leaders from our organizations as well as large investors such as Black Rock and Vanguard, voted with their shares requiring the company to issue a report on what they are doing to curb gun violence. THE RESOLUTION PASSED!

The company's management was vigorously opposed to the resolution, which they made clear both in writing before the meeting and verbally during the meeting, so this win is even more significant given the number of shares that Executives and Board Members typically control.

This shareholder pressure and police chiefs pressure coupled with the purchasing power leverage that we have been organizing through the Do Not Stand Idly By campaign for several years (see attached RFI now with 130 jurisdictions on board) has the looks of a winning combination.

A similar resolution passed at the Sturm Ruger meeting in May and now the only two publicly traded and largest gun companies have to report on what they are doing to curb gun violence. 

Several years ago Lake County United sought the support of States Attorney Mike Nerheim, who agreed to sign a Request For Information (RFI) joining a 130 jurisdictions to leverage purchasing power with the gun companies. 

In the weeks leading up to the AOBC our affiliates Action In Montgomery (AIM) and The Metropolitan Organization (TMO) in Houston leveraged a letter from the Major Cities Chiefs Association to the CEO of AOBC as well as co-authored an Op-Ed just prior to the vote. manufacturer-13254514.php

There has been a series of press on this (linked below).

Chicago Sun Times:

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