Building Relationships • Developing Leaders • Acting for Justice

The last word in our name—United—is not just a casual use of an adjective. It represents what our organization strives to do.

Yes, we are advocates for essential housing, for mental health services, for gun safety, for Internet accessibility, but these issues are the result of, not the goal of our work. We aim to build influence, what is known as Power With.

This means that we seek to know what citizens of our Lake County care about, what would make them even more satisfied with their communities, and what they are willing to do to make that happen.

For example, to bring about the essential housing for essential workers—our top priority right now—we must align:

      • Community interests,
      • Multiple funders,
      • City requirements,
      • State requirements,
      • Geography (hills, ravines, trees, water, debris),
      • Lake Behavioral Hospital’s land use and
      • Affordability for targeted workers while keeping it green and well-constructed.

This happens through many conversations, one on one and in small groups to connect with people personally.

Join us in this challenging work!