Lake County residents celebrate the new Fairhaven Crossing

Fairhaven Crossing December 2016

On Sunday, January 15, 2017, Lake County United met to celebrate the completion of Fairhaven Crossing, 40 affordable housing units in Mundelein.

Michelle Otero Wasser is spending more than 40 percent of her income just to house her family. The divorced mother of three struggled to find a place to live that met the basic criteria of a safe location and good schools. That is why she joined over 300 Lake County residents Sunday, January 15 to celebrate the opening of Fairhaven Crossing, a new 40 unit affordable and supportive housing development in downtown Mundelein.

Lake County United, a non-partisan and not-for-profit community organizing body whose vision was instrumental in planning and developing the relationships necessary to get the building constructed, organized the celebration, which drew attendees from throughout Lake County.

Wasser told the group of her efforts to find appropriate housing, which resulted in her leaving Mundelein, the community in which she had raised her children. “Availability (of housing) is so very scarce and expensive,” she said.

This is the second affordable housing in Lake County in which Lake County United has been involved. The first is a 70-unit development, Mercy Housing, now up and running in Grayslake, IL. Located near public transportation and shopping, Fairhaven Crossing has units set aside for those with disabilities. It also includes one, two and three bedroom units, as well as a community center and a computer room for residents.

Assembly attendanceAttendees from throughout Lake County lauded municipal and county officials, many of whom attended, who were instrumental in helping get this development built. They also recognized Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who signed a bi-partisan bill extending the Illinois Housing Tax Credits, which helped provide funding for Fairhaven Crossing.  Over the last 15 years the state invested $7 million in state tax credits resulting in the construction or rehabilitation of 18,000 housing units creating 25,000 jobs and leveraging $3.3 billion in private investment.

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