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As of this morning, the US Senate is deadlocked in its effort to pass a $1.8+ trillion fiscal stimulus bill to address the Covid-19 public health and economic crisis.

Let's ACT NOW to make sure help gets to the families and communities who need it the most. Let's make sure this is not just a giveaway that only benefits the CEO's of multinational corporations.

3 ways to ACT NOW:

  1. Call your member of congress
    Tell them "People most harmed by the Covid-19 crisis should benefit most from the stimulus-notmultinational corporations."
    Here’s how to Contact Your Congressional Representative.
  2. Convince 3 people you know to call!
  3. Post this NOW on social media and asking people to CALL and SHARE!

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For more info see CALL TO ACTION STATEMENT below.

Here is a sample, but please personalize it:

Dear Senator____ or Congressperson_____:

The Lake County United and Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)urges Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan that protects those who urgently need help the most: American workers, families, and small businesses on the front lines of this national emergency. The federal government must act swiftly and decisively. We must take all necessary steps to avoid the loss of income, housing, safety, and crumbling communities. Those most at risk should be the direct and primary beneficiaries of federal intervention, notmultinational corporations.

  1. Help American Workers and Families Now;
  2. Save Jobs and Protect Service Sector Workers;
  3. Drastically Expand Health Care Coverage for the Most Vulnerable;
  4. Invest Heavily in Health Care Infrastructure to Support Front Line Workers and Providers;
  5. Protect Our Communities;
  6. Avoid the Mistakes of the 2008 Financial Sector Bailouts.

The IAF represents 65 Broad-Based citizens’ organizations throughout the US, working with thousands of religious congregations, small businesses, education institutions, non-profits, civic organizations, unions to make change on social justice issues.

Call To Action Statement
Freely distribute this statement to your congregations and organizations.

Thank You.